Throwback Thursday – Taking a Trip to Toyland

Mr Toys

Buying toys for the kids can be an expensive exercise. They get bored so quickly and need regular stimulation.

With all the new movies and TV shows coming out there is a constant stream of new merchandise with plenty of advertising on TV and the internet.

My daughter’s Christmas letter to Santa included a request for a Slinky Dog toy from the Toy Story movies.

The full sized Slinky Dog toy is surprising very difficult to find in store and even going online to my favourite online department stores yielded very few results.

Fortunately I came across Queensland toy vendor, Mr Toys Toyworld.

Mr Toys has several physical stores in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Fortunately they also offer a huge range of toys in their online store.

There are some major brands available on the site along with merchandise from several popular movie franchises. Some of the most popular brands have link banners at the bottom-left of the home page which open up to mini-sites showing all the available products for that brand.

The website in my opinion looks professional and is visually stimulating with lots of vibrant colours and interactive menus. It is straightforward to navigate and has a handy search function. However the site does not have a function to sort your results by price.

Payment methods include credit card via eWay and PayPal.

Contact details which include phone numbers for the various stores are available on the Contact Us page located as a link at the bottom each page and a 1300 number is available for assistance with online sales.

Helpful information is also located as links at the bottom of each page which include the vendor’s Returns and Exchanges policy, Privacy and Shipping policies. Strangely, I couldn’t find the company ABN anywhere on the website but it is listed on the ABN lookup register.

The Terms and Conditions page indicates that orders are fulfilled by the physical stores hence some items may be price marked when you receive them.

This did occur with every item I ordered from the site which would have been fine except the price labels are very difficult to get off. I will have to resort to scribbling over them with permanent marker but fortunately my children are young and not likely to notice.

Also according to the Terms and Conditions of the site this e-tailer ships overseas. Shipping fees are calculated by weight and overseas ordered are taken by contacting the vendor directly.

Order submission to delivery took 4 business days and a tracking number was supplied.

The parcel arrived securely packaged and delivered by Australia Post.

The prices offered by this vendor are very competitive and I managed to pick up the elusive Disney Pixar Slinky Dog Pull Toy for $29.99.

This fire truck with lights and sounds was also $29.99.

For my creative 5 year old the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cupcake Tower was $22.99.

Overall my shopping experience was easy and very satisfying and I would certainly recommend this e-tailer for convenient and affordable toy shopping.

So to all you loving grown-ups looking to satisfy your child’s Frozen fixation this Christmas (I know there are a lot of you out there, myself included) Mr Toys Toyworld has a whole range of Frozen merchandise including Frozen dolls for sale so get to ordering while stocks last.

Good luck and happy shopping!

  • Lady V

As always, shop safely. Please be sure to visit my Caveat Emptor section for further information about safe online shopping.

*All opinions and experiences are personal. I was not paid for this review.