Our First Place


Earlier this year my husband and I made the biggest purchase of our lives; our very first home.

It may have come a little late by traditional standards. In fact, we started the process much earlier on in our marriage when we were expecting our first child but a lack of confidence and the magnitude of the looming debt filled us with anxiety and stopped us moving forward.

Little did we know the financial market would take a drastic turn just a short time later and stricter lending criteria combined with a huge leap in Sydney property prices meant that the dream of owning our first home was snatched away before we knew what hit us.

Sadly such is the story for so many people struggling to set foot on the property ladder these days.

Almost a decade later, a little older and wiser and being now a family of 4 we were fortunate enough to be in a position to set down roots.

The house buying process is a daunting and stressful learning curve for a first timer and it goes without saying that preparation and research are crucial before even starting the house hunt.

We learned the hard way that despite our best efforts, mistakes and unforeseen events can and do occur and I reckon it takes nerves of steel, plenty of deep breathing and a sympathetic ear or two to get you through the process without completely losing your mind.

While being happily settled in our new home for almost 4 months I find myself reflecting on the experience quite often and wondering what hurdles others have experienced during the process and how they coped.

Overall I found the whole process interesting to say the least. I have heard that there’s no better way to learn than by doing and I have to say after diving head first into the deep end I feel like I’ve learned a lot and aged 5 years! lol

At this point I want to make clear that I am NOT here to give you advice about buying property. I am hardly qualified or experienced enough.

I do however want to share some of the obstacles we faced and how we got through them in the hopes that others may be able to relate as home buyers – past, present and future.

I will continue this thought as a series of posts because honestly if I wrote it all down at once, this post would go on forever.

I hope you decide to follow along and please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments sections.

Stay tuned!

  • Lady V
*Disclaimer: Please note that all experiences related in this post along with all others are personal to the author and make no claim to offer professional advice of any kind on the subject matter. For further information regarding purchasing property it is recommended that you make enquiries with the relevant professionals in your area.

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